Victorian Teak Backyard Bee Hive

$ 149.99

The Victorian Teak Backyard Bee Hive is an 8-Frame Langstroth Hive, styled after our popular Victorian Teak Chicken Coops, and is designed to compliment your backyard.

This hive features our "Quick-Check" viewing window on the rear of the deep super, so you can check the progress and well-being of your hive without disturbing the bees. It also includes a screened bottom board with notches cut out to attach securely to the SummerHawk Ranch Hive Stand (sold separately), an entrance reducer, 8 wood frames and plastic foundation, and is topped with a commercial-grade corrugated, telescoping roof with with runoff gutter. Start your hive with this as a brood box, and add supers as your hive grows.

Dimensions: 26.5" L x 21" W x 17.5" H

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