Universal Expansion Pen

Start Living, Sunny Side Up with the SummerHawk Ranch Universal Expansion Pen. Expands pen space to give your chickens more room to run. Attach to any SummerHawk Ranch coop or use it as a standalone enclosure.

  • Hand built from sustainably harvested, naturally weather and pest resistant fir
  • Highly recommended for those who cannot free-range their birds during the day
  • Heavy galvanized wire is secured using our unique, extra strength, wire-clamping wood design to keep predators out
  • Add one or more for extra pen space and happier hens
  • Attaches to any SummerHawk Ranch chicken coop
  • Can also be used as stand-alone enclosure
  • Measures 36" x 26" x 20.75"

Universal Expansion Pen Instructions.pdf


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