Quick-Check Super

$ 99.00

The Quick Check™ Super made of Hemlock wood can be added to a growing hive to provide extra space for brood or honey. This super features finger joints and our "Quick-Check" viewing window, located on the rear of the super, which allows you to check the progress and well-being of your hive without disturbing the bees. 8 wood frames with plastic foundation are also included.

Product Dimensions: 19.88 in x 13.78 in x 9.61 in / 15.5 cm x 35 cm x 24.4 cm

  • Includes 1 Quick-Check™ Super with viewing window so you can see the progress and well-being of your hive from outside
  • Includes 8 high-visibility Quick-Check™ Frames, complete with pre-installed, pre-waxed plastic honeycomb foundation
  • Frames are contoured for enhanced visibility
  • Built from sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock wood with finger-joint construction
  • Industry Leading Full 3-Year Warranty

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