Macchiato Chicken Coop

Start Living, Sunny Side Up with this space-efficient coop-and-run combination. It's hand built from solid fir and roomy enough to comfortably sleep up to 2 chickens, if they are allowed to free-range during the day. The coop features a uniquely styled, wood-slat roof, offering shade and shelter while a galvanized mesh-enclosed run gives hens a secure space to forage and exercise. The single-stall nesting box is accessible through a convenient, waist-height prop-up door for easy egg collection. This enclosure is simple to assemble, requiring only one person and an electric screwdriver. To experience the full benefit of raising chickens, and to provide the best quality of life for your flock, we highly recommend allowing your chickens out of the enclosure to free-range during the day.

  • Assembled Exterior: 67.5”L x 22.4”W x 39.5”H (Pen Interior: 9.33 sq. ft. / Coop Interior: 3.43 sq. ft. / Nest Box Interior: 1.73 sq. ft.)
  • Features weather-resistant, wood-slat roof
  • Hand built from sustainably harvested, naturally weather and pest resistant fir
  • Sized to sleep up to 2 hens, assuming they are free-ranged during the day. If you are not able to give your chickens access to your yard during the day, we recommend keeping only 1 hen in this coop
  • Spacious interior features one nest stall and a 24" roosting bar
  • Waist-height Nest Box features a stylish, hinged roof and removable divider - No need to bend or crouch
  • Removable, metal sliding tray allows for easy cleaning access
  • Run area features chicken ramp for access to roost
  • 2 doors for convenient access to all areas of the coop
  • All doors feature convenient, spring-bolt latches to keep hens safe from predators
  • Simple enough for one person to assemble in about 45 minutes with an electric screwdriver
  • Expandable with SummerHawk Ranch Universal Expansion Pen (sold separately)

Macchiato Chicken Coop Instructions.pdf

Product Warranty.pdf


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